Reanimation Library | Carlisle Borough Branch

The Reanimation Library | Carlisle Borough Branch was exhibited from October 5th, 2010 to November 6th, 2010 in Dickinson College's Goodyear Gallery. The exhibition consisted of approximately 80 books that were acquired in July 2010 from thrift stores, junk shops, and used bookstores in Carlisle, PA and Dickinson College's surrounding area.

Carlisle Borough Branch also included artworks generated from spectators that viewed the library's holdings. Students, faculty and others in the Dickinson College community had access to the library and produced work, which was on display. The work was hung salon style and library users were encouraged to continue making and displaying works for the show's duration.

Carlisle Borough Branch was a non-circulating Library, but the scanner and copier allowed visitors to use the books as resource material for creative projects.


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